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The Cuke files

We have been inconsistently sending in lunch notes with our kids lunches since they were in pre-K. Mine were mostly text and the occassional stick figure. Mary's have always been tiny works of genius. 

But as our youngest got to high school, when most parents trail off with the lunch notes, Mary hit her stride. Our youngest likes cucumbers. But it is critical that the cucumber not be infected with other flavors, so it is covered in a paper towel. So Mary puts cucumber art on the paper towels.

Many of them involve random inside jokes or references to school topics. Many are universal. I believe they are all brilliant.

I plan to get collect them into a book so this transitory art form can be appreciated by others. 

Please like, follow, share and any other nice sociable thing that could help us spread the word and convince the good people who still publish printed matter that this is work their time.

Love and cucumbers. 

Jim Christy, husband of cucumber artist 

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